PIMo Workgroups and Training Schools will be tasked with analysing four thematic connections:

  • Things (cargo, consumables, textiles and jewellery, devotional objects, printing and books, painting and sculpture, ships, scientific instruments and objects);

  • Paper (correspondence and journals, books and the book trade, state papers, archives, scholarly networks, histories and schools of thought);

  • Ideas (historical and contemporary models of cultural entanglement and exchange; and the ideas (and emotions) that bind communities, from religious networks, political exiles and revolutionary communities, scientific corresponding societies, slavery and abolition movement, cosmopolitanism, citizenship of the world).

  • People (religious, slavery and indentured labour, traders, diplomats, exiles, travellers, and migrants).

WGs will be responsible for the organisation of one yearly conference and convening a Training School for graduate and postdoctoral trainees, as well as a themed section of each annual conference.

Workgroup Leaders

Dr Rosita D'AMORA
Dr Rosita D'AMORAWG1 Things in Motion
Dr Luisa SIMONUTTI WG2 Ideas in Motion
Prof José María PÉREZ FERNÁNDEZWG3 Paper in Motion
Prof Cátia ANTUNES
Prof Cátia ANTUNES WG4 People in Motion