PIMo Training School “Moving Goods for Charity Across the Mediterranean (15th-19th centuries), Video Presentations

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You can find the excellent series of video presentations from the recent Bologna Training School by following this link to the PIMo Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKWyISj5Y-02K6FMD3bCoEA3XtDv51yif

Dónal Hassett, The Ile Sainte Marguerite: Geographies of Repression and Incarceration in the Colonial Mediterranean

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The low clicking of the cicadas combines with the gentle lapping of the sea to block out all other noises. The canopy of Aleppo pines offers some much-needed shade on a hot June day. The bulk of the holidaymakers who boarded the ferry with me that morning in Cannes are now sunning themselves in one of the coves that dot the southern shore of the Ile Sainte Marguerite. Some might have briefly visited the island’s Fort Royal, best known as the place of incarceration of the mysterious Man in the Iron Mask immortalised in ink by Alexandre Dumas. Few, if any, will have made it to where I now find myself. The ticket vendor at the Fort was puzzled at my request for directions and Google Maps barely works out here on the island. No matter. This is a place best discovered in tranquil solitude. Amidst the encroaching vegetation, I can clearly see the carefully arranged lines of stones, each one marking the resting place of a North African once imprisoned on the island for their resistance to French colonial [...]