Territori del Gesto: Ode Barbara, A Performance based on PIMo’s research, Florence, September 1st 2022.

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This captivating piece, based on the research of the PIMo network, will be performed for the first time in Florence on September 1 as part of the Society for the History of Emotions' Conference 'Going Places'. It is jointly presented by PIMo, the Society for the History of Emotions, the University of Florence and the European University Institute. Choreography: Virgilio Sieni Dancers: Delfina Stella, Michael Incarbone Lights: Marco Cassini “We are in a Song: an unexpected song where movement breaks down face to face in the empty space of a transparent room. A navigated and nomadic place that embraces a language made up of imperfect, diphonic gestures geared towards adjacency. The emotional space is created by the shadowy action generated by the slightest breeze of things. A sung dance that chemically dialogues with air molecules until it disappears.” Virgilio Sieni Ode Barbara is a performance on the theme of travel, understood as a symbol of inner shifts. Inspired by the Song of Songs, the creation develops springing from a reflection on the tempos of encounters: two dancers, a man and [...]