Newsletter June 2023

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PIMo Newsletter June 2023 Fresh off the back of a hugely successful Summer School, Conference and MC Meeting in Rabat, Morocco, the PIMo Core Group would like to share the latest updates about the ongoing work of our Cost Action in its final phase. In this Newsletter, we are honoured to share a short text dedicated to the late Stefan Donecker, a committeed and enthusiastic member of the PIMo Management Committee from Austria, who sadly passed away on September 1 2022. We also include details of a forthcoming event that will be dedicated to his memory. PIMo has maintained a rich and varied schedule of activities throughout the first half of 2023, the details of which we are delighted to share with you here. Even as we approach the end date of our COST Action, we still have a busy schedule of forthcoming events, new publications to promote and a potential follow up project to expand on and further develop the valuable work PIMo has achieved. You can read about all of this below. We thank you for your continued support [...]

Ignacio Chuecas Saldías, “A Lamp in the Holy City”: Sephardic Exile, Family Ties and the Messianic Jerusalem. The Ladino Version of the Passover Haggadah, Venice (1624)

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On Wednesday 11 November 1665, Venetian public notary Angelo Maria Piccino received the last will of “Signora Ester Senior consort of Signore Josef Senior, Hebrewess,” penned by herself in the form of a sealed testament and handed to him, in person, in the house of her usual residence in the Ghetto Vecchio of Venice. In this document, which begins with the declaration of faith, “In the name of Adonay, Lord of Hosts, in whom I firmly believe”, Ester alludes to the material losses and childlessness that had affected her marriage; the existence of an absent sister, for whom she professed great love; and a nephew, identified as Manuel Aboab, son of her deceased brother. Among the pious dispositions, she makes bequests to her sister, her nephew, a child she had raised whom she names as “Abranelo”, and some relatives residing in Livorno and Aleppo. She also asks her executor to pay for a lamp which, in her intention, was to burn for a whole year in the holy city of Jerusalem (Fig. 1). The text of the will reflects the [...]