Updated Call for Papers for Second Annual Conference, Paper: Material and Semiotic Mobility, University of Granada, January 28-29, 2021

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PIMO SECOND ANNUAL CONFERENCE UNIVERSITY OF GRANADA, JANUARY 28-29 2021 2ND CALL FOR PAPERS Given the exceptional circumstances brought about by the Covid19 pandemic the conference organizers might consider the possibility of holding the conference exclusively online in case international travel restrictions or domestic circumstances in Spain constrain us to do so. In the meantime, we recommend all attendants purchase travel cancellation insurance, which is an eligible expense under COST regulations (see the note towards the end of this document).* Please note that these suggestions only apply to PIMo members whose expenses are covered by the COST association. Hartmann Schopper, De omnibus illiberalibus sive mechanicis artibus. Francofurti ad Moenum, 1574, fol. XIr. (Biblioteca Riccardiana Stamp. 14677, with permission) PAPER: MATERIAL AND SEMIOTIC MOBILITY This call is available in PDF form here: Granada Conference CFP The Paper in Motion Work Group is part of the COST Action CA18140 PIMo and seeks to look into paper as a medium for the codification and exchange of information, ideas, emotions and value. Our forthcoming conference in Granada (January 28-29, 2021) will focus upon the [...]