Georgina Wilson, Water/marked

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One afternoon during the Paper in Motion symposium at the Arnamagnæan Institute, Copenhagen, our group of paper conservators, literary scholars, archivists, and digital humanists attempted to twist and clip small pieces of wire onto a mould to make a watermark. Having abandoned several more ambitious designs, I settled on a watermark in the shape of a boat: a half-moon shaped base, topped with a single sail. The wobbly result only vaguely captured some essence of boat-ness, but, as my freshly-made sheet of paper dried on a sheet of blue felt, I began to dwell on the aquatic connections between watermarks and the act of papermaking. It was by generating these interdisciplinary modes of thinking – in this case, moving between the material realities of papermaking, and the creative impulses of my own literary training – that the Paper in Motion workshop formed new connections between its participants’ differing areas of research. Figure 1                             Boat, watermark (Wilson, 2022) Where did the word watermark come from? In its first uses, a ‘water mark’ had nothing to do with paper at all, and [...]

PIMo Newsletter October 2022

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PIMo Newsletter October 2022 With the new academic year well under way here in the Northern Hemisphere, the PIMo team are delighted to share details of upcoming events, as well as highlighting some of our exciting recent events, publications and research outputs. We particularly want to flag the dates of the upcoming Annual Conference (24-27 May 2023) and the Management Committee Meeting (27 May), which will take place in Rabat, Morocco. This Management Committee Meeting will be the final one of this project so all MC members are strongly encouraged to attend and participate where possible. We will soon be issuing a Call for Papers for the conference, on the broad theme of Crossings, so do keep an eye on the PIMo website. We would also like to draw your attention to the brand new Youtube Playlist, which compiles the many excellent videos produced by PIMo members and collaborators. As ever, we encourage network members to actively participate in our activities where possible. Please continue to check out our website, which is regularly updated with information about our events, recent publications and funding opportunities, as well [...]