Project Description

We are delighted to announce the publication of the catalogue and commentary for the upcoming PIMo exhibition on ‘Paper in Motion: Information and the Economy of Knowledge in the Early Modern Mediterranean’, set to open at the Archivo di Stato in Prato, on January 27 2022. This volume, edited by José María Pérez Fernández and Giovanni Tarantino with the expert collaboration of Matteo Calcagni, not only provides thematic analysis of the 93 different documents that make up the exhibition, but also includes reflections on how paper helps us write the histories of trade in the Early Modern Mediterranean.

The exhibition is the product of extensive collaboration between multiple institutions across different national and linguistic boundaries and this is reflected in the range of contributors to the publication. The Table of Contents, available here, will give you a flavour of the richness of this publication and the exhibition it analyses:

Paper in Motion Table of Contents