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What do the travelogue of an eighteenth-century Ottoman ambassador and the reflections of a seventeenth-century dervish from Istanbul have in common? They both provide precious insights into Ottoman experiences of epidemics at home and abroad, [...]


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This article aims to understand how the philanthropic policies of Northern European Sephardic communities affected the lives of Jews in the Mediterranean basin and, conversely, how Jewish mobility to and from the Mediterranean impacted on [...]


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This article reinterprets the circulations between the Mediterranean and continental Europe by studying the lazarets in eighteenth-century Trieste and explaining how they entangled and connected complex and autonomous systems for circulating information, knowledge, people and [...]


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This essay considers the  philosophical project of hospitality and friendship in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1818) through the movements of Victor Frankenstein and his “Creature”, tracking their attempts to forge social and emotional bonds in the face [...]