Another Bright Year Ahead for PIMo

In September of this year the PIMo Cost Action held its Second Annual Management Committee Meeting, online and in person at the Sabanci University’s Sakip Sabanci’s Museum in Instanbul. Attendees heard of the rich and diverse activities and outputs of the PIMo network over the last year as well as the exciting plans for the year ahead. In this Newsletter, we want to draw your attention to something upcoming opportunities and events, as well as highlighting some of the recent outputs that will be of interest.

PIMo Training School, ‘Moving Goods for Charity Across the Mediterranean (15th–19th centuries), 24-27 January 2022

Deadline for Applications November 20 2021.

This training school, hosted jointly by the Centro Studi sui Monti di Pietà (Bologna) and Biblioteca Roncioniana (Prato), explores the history of charitable forms of exchange in the Mediterranean space. The School’s main objective is to offer an opportunity for research development, training, and exchange of ideas for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers working in the fields of Mediterranean Studies, Economic History, Religious Studies, Late Medieval and Early Modern History, and Material Culture.

The School will be held in Bologna (24-26 January) and Prato (27 January). This will allow participants to visit places like the Confraternita di Santa Maria della Vita, with its unique iconographic program, and the Archivio Storico del Monte di Pietà di Bologna (where we will be introduced directly to its documents), while the last day in Prato will offer the opportunity to visit the exhibition Paper in Motion: Information and the Economy of Knowledge in the Early Modern Mediterranean, which will open on the same day, with a guided tour by Prof. José María Pérez Fernández (University of Granada and PIMo WG3 Leader).

Expenses (travel and daily allowance) will be reimbursed in line with relevant COST rules.

We would ask PIMo members to please share this opportunity widely and encourage doctoral or postdoctoral researchers to apply.

The full call for applicants, including the terms, conditions and guidelines, can be accessed here:

Please send your enquiries to Prof. Marta Bucholc at or to Dr Pietro Delcorno at

Paper in Motion: Information and the Economy of Knowledge in the Early Modern Mediterranean, Exhibition at the Archivo di Stato in Prato, Opening January 27 2022

This exhibition, curated by José María Pérez Fernández and Giovanni Tarantino, with the assistance of Matteo Calcagni, explores the role of paper and its mobility in creating and sustaining the economy of knowledge in the Early Modern Mediterranean.

It is the fruit of a collaboration of a range of participating archives: Amsterdam City Archives; Archivio Adami, Florence; Biblioteca Roncioniana, Prato; Archivio di Stato di Prato; Simón Ruiz Archive, Valladolid; Biblioteca Riccardiana, Florence; National Library and Archives of Malta; Archivio Storico Banco di Napoli; Fondazione del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna; National Archives of Egypt; Universidade de Coimbra; Fugger Archive.

The result will be a truly transnational exploration of the vital role paper played in facilitating and shaping commercial and knowledge exchanges across the Mediterranean space in the Early Modern period.

The Voyages of Gagliana Grossa, Videodocumentary

The PIMo network is delighted to share this fascinating videodocumentary on the Gnalić Shipwreck (1583), fruit of extensive research and hard work on the part of WG1 member Prof Irena Radić Rossi and colleagues.The documentary tells the story of the Venetian merchant galleon the Gagliana Grossa, its trading missions, its wreck off the Croatian coast and the subsequent discovery, exploitation and archaeological conservation. As well as offering a gripping narrative and insightful window into the history of exchange in the Eastern Mediterranean, the film speaks to many of the themes that are central to the work of the PIMo network. It is definitely worth a watch and may well represent a valuable pedagogical resource for colleagues teaching on the Mediterranean.

Other PIMo News

PIMo is delighted to announce the publication of the following edited volumes:Through Your Eyes: Religious Alterity and the Early Modern Western Imagination, edited by Giovanni Tarantino and Paola von Wyss-Giacosa, (Leiden: Brill, 2021).

The Habsburg Mediterranean, 1500-1800, edited by Stefan Hass and Dorothea McEwan, (Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, Vienna, 2021) 

Upcoming Events:

We would like to draw your attention to these upcoming events. Our website regularly updated to keep track of the many activities of the network so please check it regularly.

‘Thinking the Mediterranean. Communities and Identities’, Institute of Historical Research – National Hellenic Research Foundation, WG2 Workshop, December 17, 2021, Athens, Greece.

A Web of Sentiments: Letter Writing and Gender in the Early Modern Mediterranean, University of Florence’ WG3 Workshop, February 07 2022, Florence, Italy.

Virtual Mobility Grant
PIMo has awarded three of this new category of financial support established to facilitate exchanges in the context of the pandemic.

The first grant, awarded to Prof Marta Bucholc of University of Warsaw, allowed for the successful organisation of our first Training School at the Museo Canario.
Full details can be found here:

The second grant was awarded to Dr Katrina O’Loughlin of Brunel University to facilitate the development of the Writing Lives: Stories of Movement and Displacement Project as part of WG4’s ongoing work.
Full details can be found here:

The final grant was awarded to Prof. José María Pérez Fernández for the preparation of on online virtual exhibition and catalogue to accompany the exhibition at the Archivo di Stato in Prato.
Full details can be found here: